The Business Need for DDoS Protection

The Business Need for DDoS Protection

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is targeted at e-commerce or websites with a view to overwhelming network bandwidth or server resources, thus denying access to your site from legitimate customers.  As attacks increase in size and sophistication, an increasing number of businesses need to defend against the possibility of a DDoS attack.  Any business with a strong e-commerce presence can make a simple cost:benefit analysis of the revenue lost as a result of downtime,  whilst under attack.  However, this analysis should also include loss of reputation and any loss of customers who will never return, having found a competitor to do business with.

For organisations in controversial or targeted areas such as global politics, anti-piracy or animal testing, DDoS and other attacks are a constant presence and a successful attack can lead to negative headlines and loss of reputation.

As attacks increase in size and sophistication, an increasing number of businesses need to defend against the possibility of a DDoS attack.

The Solution

Network Defence is proud to work with RioRey, a company that is solely involved in the mitigation of DDoS attacks.  RioRey has a singular vision to help its customers defeat all types of DDoS attack, and has an impressive portfolio of customers in the US and worldwide.

The RioRey solution consists of a range of high performance appliances which run their mitigation software.  No signatures are deployed, as the appliances employ sophisticated algorithms to discover DDoS traffic while allowing legitimate traffic to the web servers.

Comprehensive management and reporting features give network specialists the information they need quickly; however the RioRey philosophy is based on ensuring that network analysts are not required to spend hours analysing attacks to provide a DDoS defence.

Talk to Network Defence and discover which RioRey appliance best suits your business requirements

Why work with Network Defence?

Network Defence can help you to develop a multi-layered protection strategy, comprising of not only a DDoS solution, but also any firewalls, IPS or log and alerting systems needed to deliver comprehensive security.


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