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The growth of mobile connectivity: what this means to an end user?

Last night was iphone and ipad while watching the football, today I’m in the office so it’s laptop connected to the internal network and iphone. Tomorrow who knows? The way modern executives connect with the office has changed markedly over the last few years as companies embrace new devices and mechanisms for communicating with colleagues, suppliers and customers.

BYOD - separating hype from reality

It seems every IT vendor has instructed its marketing department to focus all their efforts around Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – the concept of allowing staff to use personal phones, tablets and PC’s for work purposes. It’s rare for a day to pass without a new white paper being released on the pitfalls, security risks, benefits or impracticalities of this idea. The clients I speak with are getting a little bit tired and confused.

Upcoming Seminar - Thursday, 21st June at Anfield, Liverpool

Mobile Device and Data Management / Preparing your infrastructure for BYOD

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